Financing for the self-employed

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Sources of financing for the self-employed and micro-companies

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We developed our sales financing solution, through factoring, for companies with a turnover of less than 2,000,000 €. With this product you can have cash tied up in your invoices very quickly.

Similarly, if they receive their payments by promissory notes, they can access a very flexible commercial discount.

Also through a discount line of promissory notes or advance of invoices can enjoy an additional line of credit of up to € 50,000 in a very short period of time.

Other financial products may be granted depending on the needs of your company. A manager specialized in this type of companies and freelancers will attend you personally.

To incorporate new machinery to your company we offer renting.

And to obtain greater liquidity, Rent back is an option that allows you to obtain funds with the guarantee of your assets.

Benefits of Factoring for SMEs and the Self-employed

Easy: just a few days after issuing your invoices you can have money for your business.

Simple: completely transparent, no hidden commissions.

Flexible: you can decide which invoice to anticipate

Fast: through the virtual office you can follow the collection of your invoices in real time.

How does it work?

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    Contact with us
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    You will receive your keys to operate through the virtual office.

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    Start anticipate the collection of your invoices.