Promissory note discount

It is very simple. That is the answer when any company or freelancer asks the question, how can I discount promissory notes? Gedesco, the nation-wide leaders in promissory note discounting makes it easy for you. Our customer service department will answer your query in the same call about the promissory note discounting you propose to us.

Our extensive experience in the sector and our financial strength have allowed us to facilitate cash to our clients by financing promissory notes for more than a decade.

The documentation needed for Gedesco promissory note discounting is very simple; without any lengthy processes, we immediately facilitate the cash to you. After sending us a copy of the promissory note and invoice, our commercial department will promptly contact you to provide any further information about promissory note discounting you may need.

Our customer service consultants will visit you at your premises, assessing you and informing you about the financial service conditions that apply to your needs for cash, so that your daily activity is not affected and you can discount the promissory notes you need without any delay.

Computer graphics about promissory note discount

In addition, there are many more advantages if you discount diverse promissory notes online with Gedesco. One of the most important advantages is that our clients are not limited according to their financial situation or regarding the guarantees they provide because, unlike the banking sector, at Gedesco we do not analyze our clients, we analyze, the company issuing the promissory note. In that way, our clients have a promissory note discount line that comprehensively covers their needs for cash.

Another of the reasons in your favour is that you will never suffer any defaults in your accounts because of the promissory notes discounted at Gedesco, because all reclamations will be carried out by our legal department. Forget about all defaults and blocking of discount lines. By discounting third party promissory notes with Gedesco, your company will never stop trading and you can maintain your negotiating power at banks when negotiating new services, because promissory note you discount in Gedesco will not increase your banking risk.

The Discounting of Promissory Notes offered by Gedesco allows you to obtain the necessary cash for your company. Call us and we will give you an immediate answer.

In addition, you can visit us at any of our offices and we will remove all your doubts about how to discount promissory notes.