Gedesco Milestones

Successful companies are those that adapt to changes and that promote the changes.

Gedesco was constituted in Valencia on 25 April 2001 as a project resulting from the partnership of several professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the business, legal and financial world.

This group of professionals created a new profile of financial services company with an innovative idea that simplifies and resolves the problem of trade activity for suppliers and subcontractors working with large companies who make their payments using extended terms.

Its central offices have been located since the beginning in Valencia, having offices in main Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Alicante.

In 2001, after just eight months of activity, the amount of clients was 323. This amount has grown to reach the nearly 43,000 current clients.

In 2005, after only 4 years of activity, Gedesco had achieved a very important market share.

Due to all this growth, Gedesco was obliged to move from its original central office in Grabador Esteve street of Valencia to new offices in San Vicente Mártir street.

In 2006, Gedesco had the objective, among others, of a large expansion process; during this year, in addition to opening new branches, Gedesco has created a large network of agents. Even now, Gedesco is still the only company of the sector that has branches and delegates all round Spain.

We achieve all that we propose because we do not just accept the routine, we are committed.

At the end of 2007, Gedesco already had 35 branches covering all of Spain, with which we reached 47% market share.

This means that Gedesco became the first reference company for investors and that same year, Grupo JZ International Ltd formed part of the shareholders with 60% of the shares.

Grupo JZI is an international affiliate of The Jordan Company LP, a leading investment company in USA that includes more than 80 financial, industrial and services sectors companies in 13 countries.

At this moment, Gedesco changes from being called Gestión y Desarrollo de Finanzas Comerciales y Servicios, S.A. to become Gedesco Services Spain, SAU.

Gedesco has achieved in its short history what some people spend all their lives trying to achieve or even do not achieve: LEADERSHIP. Already in 2007, it was granted by the magazine Economía 3 the Financial Leadership prize.

In a crisis, company mangers lose a lot of time feeling sorry, we have overcome that step.

In 2008, while others were feeling sorry and let themselves be bullied by the crisis, Gedesco knew how to take advantage of the opportunities this period offered, playing an important role for many companies that need to resolve the new difficulties they find in financing their cash-flow.

The complicated 2008 represented an important challenge for Gedesco, which we overcome with excellent results: we exceeded 154 million Euros in business volume and reached an EBITDA of 5 million Euros, in spite of having hardened out risk criteria in the study of operations.

In spite of being in a downward tendency market, Gedesco this year managed to maintain its market share, which means that Gedesco grew even during adversity.

There are no challenges that resist us.

During the year 2009, Gedesco already had more than 17 million Euros of own resources and an EBITDA prevision of 9 million Euros.

We never reach our limit.

Gedesco is having outstanding success with the “Gedesco 2010” strategic plan, designed to reach the most ambitious objectives marked until now in the history of Gedesco.

In 2010, we will continue working as up to now, making desirable that which for others is impossible.

We are the leaders and the futures of the sector, our history shows that.

We wager on growth.

During the year 2011, Gedesco has continued growing, and not only in sales figures but with new incorporations. Convinced that success not only comes from efficient management but from our human team, in July 2010 we moved our offices from the San Vicente Mártir street to Avenida Aragón, which allowed us to offer greater accessibility to our clients and continue with our ambitious HR plan.

In 2012, we have continued with the vocation of maximum national implantation for greater growth and personalized attention to our clients; therefore, we have extended the Madrid, Murcia, Zaragoza and Barcelona branches.

We have also grown in our product portfolio, always adapting ourselves to the needs of our clients and being pioneers in the market.

We highlight as a star product the pawning of cars as a rental mode, so our clients can obtain the money they need and continue enjoying their vehicle as normal.

Likewise, the Discount Facility for those companies that want to have a guaranteed risk reserve and have full information in advance about the clients they are going to work with.

The commitment for 2012 is to continue on the road to growth and provide our clients with the necessary information and financing so they continue with their activity.

Whatever we do, we do thinking about our clients.

We closed year 2012 with more than 15% growth, obtaining and EBITDA of 19 million Euros and a sales figure of 240 million Euros, due to the opening of new offices and the organic growth of our clients.

The incorporation of a Credit Line and the Rent-Back service are some of the novelties introduce by Gedesco in 2012 to offer new financing options to SMEs, self-employed workers and private individuals.

During 2012, we started conversations with several Professional Associations, that materialized at the beginning of 2013, by signing several collaboration agreements to favour financing for their associates, among which, we can highlight the one signed with OPA-Organización de Profesionales y Autonomos [Organization of Professionals and the Self-employed] and that signed with the CECOT-Gremi de la Construcció del Vallés, [Vallés Constructors Guild].

With these collaboration agreements, Gedesco pretends to facilitate providing cash to the self-employed and SMEs so they can continue and promote their business activity.
Likewise and for the third consecutive year, together with the Polytechnic University of Valencia we continue with the Management and Development of Information Technologies for Competitiveness Field of Study (GEDESTIC), pioneer in Spain studying and developing information technology applications to improve competitiveness of SMEs, through SEO positioning research.

Offering cash to our clients motivates us to grow.

During 2013, Gedesco has maintained a strong rhythm of growth which has been noticed in the sales figure, the launching of new services and the increase of our human team. The company has reached for the first time in its history, a sales figure of 300 million Euros, 25% above the 240 million Euros sales figure of 2012.

The company has started its new star service of financing for companies. Gedesco Factoring allows to guarantee cash-flow for the companies and entrepreneurs by advancing the invoices of their clients. For that, the company has launched an initial line provided with 100 million Euros, that will have continuity in order to make this service the new reference for Spanish companies when needing financing so their business can continue to grow.

The second business line incorporated by Gedesco in 2013 was Disfruting your Car + Money, an innovative service that facilitates financing thanks to your car but without surrendering it in exchange. During this year, Disfruting has opened its showroom, situated at number 2 Avenida de Aragón in Valencia.

The clients can also enjoy a car through Gedesco Renting, an efficient formula so that private individuals, the self-employed and companies con enjoy their vehicles with the guarantee of Gedesco Group and an entire range of added services, like insurances, MOT expense and road taxes.

Gedesco has become a reference in the financial sector and has repeatedly appeared in the main Spanish communication media, that have echoed its commercial campaigns and have served as information about the company to generate news that interests the public.

All this growth at business level, the amount of services and the awareness of the company has brought along the intense creation of employment by Gedesco Group that has increased its headcount by 16% during 2013.

We are recognized as the best financial services company.

In 2014, we have received several recognitions, both as best financial services company by the media, as by the University for having accepted placement students in practice, as well as international promotion of the Valencian Community in the telecommunications night. Also Infocif has been recognized as the best technological idea for optimizing communication and business management by its reúnete service.

For us, the greatest recognition is that every day more companies count on Gedesco as their financial partner. During the entire year we have continued launching specific funds to support companies of all sectors: ceramics, tourism, winegrowers, foodstuffs, nougat makers and toy makers, transports, administration suppliers and bankrupt companies, among others.

Through Infocif, we have continued being a reference as company creation observatory, and new added value services have been created for companies like the reúnete service and the company ranking.

Also we have launched Disfruting Shop, for private individuals, where you can buy on instalments and without interests, an idea that has been recognized as the best digital initiative in the Tu Economía awards by La Razón.

Likewise during 2014, we have also opened new branches and we have increased our headcount by 11%.

We closed year 2014 with a 16% increase and a sales figure of 358 million Euros. In Valencia we form part of the group of the 10 first companies by sales volume, according to the sales ranking by and on national level we are within the 430 first companies.

Our challenge is to continue providing new services to the business sector. That is why, after becoming consolidated in Factoring in the sector (we are part of the National Factoring Association), currently we are also offering Confirming lines, loans and any other service that companies can request.

We offer personalized solutions to the business sector, we are flexible designing products adapted to the requirements of each company.

Because not all companies are alike, nor their financial structure is the same, from Gedesco we bring the best solutions from international markets for our clients; financing like a made-to-measure suit, that is the excellence of our service.

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