Gedesco Group

In this section, you can learn all the data about Gedesco Promissory Note Discount: history, structure, figures, human resources.

Gedesco Milestones

Gedesco, financial services company, started in 2001 in Valencia. Being the leader in discounting promissory notes is our experience. Discover the life cycle of Gedesco in this section and each of the steps that have led us to grow and extend with the creation of new Gedesco offices.

Gedesco in Figures

Gedesco has been facilitating cash-flow to SMEs and self-employed persons for more than a decade. With 26 branches and 480 commercial delegates distributed all round Spain, it is growing with good financial health. This section includes the economic data of Gedesco.

Shareholder Structure

Gedesco is fully owned by Gedesco Finance, S.L. Leading company in discounting promissory notes, with a majority participation by the JZI group, an international affiliate of The Jordan Company. This company, number one in USA, incorporates more than 80 companies from diverse sectors.

Human Resources

Our human team is the drive behind the Gedesco trajectory. Committed and identified with a common project, we participate in its development. If you want to form part of Gedesco, look at the offers we have available and send us your CV.

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