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A complete world of financial services without buts.

If your company receives its collections in delayed terms, you have a very interesting financing option to obtain cash so you attend your payment obligations.

At the same time you issue an invoice of your work, you can instantly obtain money thanks to Gedesco anticipation of invoices; in addition, with the Non-Recourse option, your company can forget about non-payments.

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If your company is paid by promissory notes, you can discount promissory notes in Gedesco to immediately obtain cash and without increasing your CCR or providing guarantees or bonds. In Gedesco we do not analyze our clients but the debtor, the company issuing the promissory note.

For more than a decade we have brought to our clients the best financial solutions from international markets.

In Gedesco not only do we facilitate financial services to companies, our clients have a personal assessor that manages the financing, so the companies continue managing their business and growing day after day.

Our transparency, innovation, client orientation and ongoing improvement values position us as unmistakeable leaders of the sector. Although for us, the most important is that every day more companies trust in Gedesco as their financial partner, both for obtaining financing for them and for their suppliers, that way counting on our entire range of financial services.

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