What are the RAI and ASNEF?

RAI (Register of Unpaid Accepted Documents) and ASNEF (National Association of Financing Entities) are the two most common lists of doubtful debtors in Spain used by the companies and credit entities to check solvency of their clients or potential clients.

Their initials mean Register of Unpaid Accepted Documents, managed by the Association of Spanish Banks and Savings Banks, and National Association of Financing Entities, list managed by Equifax, S.L.

These lists are not for public access. Only entities or companies associated to RAI and ASNEF that have contracted their services can have free access. Those included as doubtful debtors can also have access, for obvious reasons, because according to law they have right of access, rectification and cancellation.

What are the reasons for being in the RAI or ASNEF?

To be included in one of these two lists, you do not have to be insolvent, a bad payer or very doubtful debtor. You only need to not pay an invoice of your cell phone or requirement for the payment of one Euro (because there is no minimum limit) and all that is needed is that the company pretending collection denounces the case to ASNEF or EQUIFAX informing of the doubtful debtor’s data.

Of course, a series of requirements have to be fulfilled, like written communication to the debtor of its inclusion in the list and previously granting a period of 30 days to settle the debt before inclusion.

During this period, if the person settles the debt, it should be excluded from the list within 10 days. Otherwise, if the debt continues, it will become part of the list for a period of 6 years in the case of ASNEF and for 30 months in the case of RAI. If the debt is settled later, the same debtor should communicate this to both companies providing the evidence of payment, in order to be excluded.

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