How does it work?

The way of operating with Gedesco to anticipate collection of your invoices or promissory notes is very simple.

In the same call we can facilitate information about the viability of the operation and in less than 24 hours you can have the money available in your account.

For Gedesco, personalized attention to our clients is fundamental. We visit you at your company so you only have to take care of your sales and of the growth of your company, we take care of the financing.

We look for maximum operability and closeness to our clients. Therefore, from any point of Spain operations can be made with Gedesco, we can visit your company or, if you prefer, you can come to one of our offices.

You can also operate online, because we have the most reliable communication systems.

The way of operating to obtain any of our financial services is likewise rapid and simple, with very rapid availability of funds.

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