About Gedesco

About Gedesco

Discover who we are and how we can help your company, in the FAQ section and the glossary you will find information about promissory notes and the granting of loans, among other things.

What do we offer?

A complete world of financial services without buts. If your company receives its collections in delayed terms, you have a very interesting financing option to obtain cash so you attend your payment obligations. At the same time you issue an invoice of your work, you can instantly obtain money thanks to Gedesco anticipation of invoices; in addition, with the Non-Recourse option, [...]

How does it work?

The way of operating with Gedesco to anticipate collection of your invoices or promissory notes is very simple. In the same call we can facilitate information about the viability of the operation and in less than 24 hours you can have the money available in your account. For Gedesco, personalized attention to our clients is fundamental. We visit you at your company so you only have [...]

How much will it cost?

Counting on anticipation of invoices or promissory note discount with Gedesco allows you to obtain cash to continue growing, and at a very competitive cost from 3.75% annual nominal interest. We offer amortizable loans at six months with a 0% interest rate, only with an initial fixed commission of 2-5%, according to the risk profile. Companies need to have financing providers that [...]


If you have any doubts, Gedesco has prepared a list with the most frequent asked questions. In this section you can find all the information that could be useful related to secure discounting, promissory notes, non-recourse discounting, etc.

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