Investment Loans

Investment Loans

We offer our clients financing for their projects through loans amortizable at six months at 0% interest rate, only with a fixed initial commission between 2-5%, according to the risk profile of each client.

These loans provide you with financing adapted to the needs of your company and without increasing your CCR.

Gedesco Investment Loans

In Gedesco, we offer investment loans aimed at companies that need investing in new machinery or in R&D&I to promote their business. There are companies that use all their efforts in innovation and investment in new projects to improve their future. Faced with these initiatives, we have to reflect and evaluate if there are financial and human resources available to continue.

Do you have a large project in mind, but you do not have the financial resources to undertake it? Now, obtaining the financing you need is easy and rapid, without long processes; with minimum documentation and maximum rapidness you will obtain the money you need.

In addition, our investment loans do not increase your CCR.

If you need cash, now you can immediately obtain it. In Gedesco we have the quickest and most flexible loan of the market.

Count on the experience of Gedesco, a company with more than 14 years experience offering financing to companies and self-employed persons.

Loans to support the growth of your company.

Our loans are aimed at any-sized company from any sector that has projects for their growth.

Many companies pass through periods in which they have to increase their production volume and therefore they need the support of additional capital.

Companies that work both for public and private sectors can recur to our amortizable loans and also those having clients outside of Spain.

Many companies consider important having several financing suppliers and therefore recur to Gedesco amortizable loans, that way combining their banking finance with ours.

What is a loan?

A loan is a financial operation where a company or person makes a certain quantity of money available to another.

Two parties intervene in the operation: lender and borrower. The lender is the person or entity loaning the money or asset, and the borrower the person receiving the loaned money or asset. This latter is committed to returning the received quantity in a certain period depending on the contract conditions, plus the interests and operational costs if applicable.

The amount received can be used for diverse aims, like for example acquiring an asset, or for investing in your business in order to increase sales and impulse the growth of your company

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