Credit Risk Reports

Credit Risk Reports

What do Credit Risk Reports offer me?

The key to secure business resides in having quality information and obtaining financing and guaranteed collection.

Through our credit risk reports you will know your clients, suppliers and competitors better and you will reduce commercial risks in your operations.

Commercial Reports are another tool that facilitates taking commercial decisions for companies. You will know the solvency data, credit opinion and cash-flow of any company for only 5 Euros. Establishing an adequate price policy now is possible thanks to the Commercial Reports, because they indicate the probability of default or each of our clients.

Update all the information about your clients, competitors and sector with the Commercial Reports.

We make available to our clients more than 14 years experience in the sector with more than 40,000 companies analysed each month with ongoing monitoring.

This capacity for analysing allows us to provide our clients the most updated information about the sector, especially to SMEs.

You can also check the RAI (Register of Unpaid Accepted Documents) of any company with our RAI Express Service. Checking the RAI online is very simple.

Avoid defaults

With the Gedesco risk reports, we propose the steps so your business is secure, because we notify you about the risks, we finance you and guarantee collection of the operations. Avoiding defaults in these times is a priority for our clients. Now with our credit risk reports you can access the most updated and reliable evaluation of the requested company.

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