Financial Services

Financial Services

At Gedesco, we offer a complete world of financial services without buts. We  provide the best solutions for you from international markets .

Our commitment, strength, experience and professionalism mean that we can offer you all types of financial services.

We are flexible when we design products adapted to the needs of each company.

Each company is different and therefore the financial structure and financing service needs are different.  At Gedesco, we bring the best solutions from international markets to our customers, offering personalized proposals.

In addition to the following products, we will provide a tailor made solution to each individual case.


Convert your sales into cash sales with Gedesco Factoring. We circulate € 400 million to provided for companies that sell on credit to their customers. Easy and personalized service.

Promissory Note Discounting

Discounting promissory notes at the best market price can only be found at Gedesco. We are always committed to our customers, facilitating made-to-measure financial solutions.

Gedesco Confirming

Confirming is a service for payment to suppliers by which Gedesco anticipate the payment of these invoices for your company.

International Factoring

In Gedesco we facilitate your commercial operations in foreign markets in more than 90 countries, with the experience of the best worldwide Factoring companies that assure collection of your sales, with quality service and agility in classifying the debtor.

Credit Risk Reports

Get to know your customers before starting to work with them. Our risk reports, with a commitment to finance, allow you to know the solvency of your customers, as well as having the guarantee that you can finance your sales.

Investment Loans

Amortizable Loans at 0% interest. In Gedesco we have the quickest and most reliable loan of the market. Obtaining the money for your projects is easy and rapid, with the minimum documentation and maximum rapidness you will obtain the money you need.

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