Factoring Gedesco allows any size of company from any sector to anticipate collection of its invoices at the best possible market price: from 3.75% annual nominal interest.

With Gedesco Factoring, you can obtain cash from the moment you issue the invoice, because now there is no need to wait for your customer to issue an order for payment.

Factoring with Gedesco

Gedesco is the leader in the financing of companies and freelancers. For over 15 years thousands of companies have trusted us for discounting their promissory notes, anticipating their invoices , and also for obtaining vehicles through a rental process.

Now, in addition, whatever your business is, you can participate in the Gedesco Factoring Fund for Companies, through which you can anticipate collection of your invoices at the best price on the market, from 3.75% of annual nominal interest.


What Companies is Factoring designed for?

  • Companies that normally sell to the regular customers
  • Those that receive payment for their sales on credit terms, so they do not have to wait for the maturity date established by their debtors
  • Those that want to improve their balance ratios, reducing their customers’ balances
  • All companies with uncertainties in collection dates
  • Companies that work both for public and private sectors
  • Companies that wait long periods to receive promissory notes from their customer
  • Companies that wait long periods to receive confirming or transfers from their customer
  • Companies that have exceeded their coverage in the bank
  • Companies that do not trust the solvency of their customers and want to avoid defaults

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Why choose Non-Recourse Factoring?

With Non-Recourse Factoring our customers obtain protection against possible insolvencies of their customers, so that in addition to obtaining cash, they significantly improve their balance ratios, because the customers’ balances become cash collections, that way reducing collection periods.

In addition, in Gedesco we offer:

  • 100% coverage of the invoice.
  • The financial costs of Factoring without Recourse are completely tax deductible.

  • The potential to increase your sales capacity, because you can assume greater commercial risk from your debtors.
  • Cost-free externalisation of receivables management; in the case of defaults, the reclamation is directly assumed by Gedesco.


When will I receive the payment?

With Gedesco Factoring, you can anticipate the collection of your sales after finalizing your business arrangement, without the need for waiting for the payment order to be issued. This service is fully compatible with any forms of payment, you can be paid by promissory notes, transfers or confirming and immediately advance your collections with Gedesco.

This is a credit transfer where the debtor pays the amount of the invoice at maturity date to a third party, in this case the financial entity, Gedesco.

If you have a sale or services invoice and you want to be paid at finalization of the business arrangement, without your invoices being retained by a customer, Gedesco Factoring is the solution.


Reasons for Factoring with Gedesco

You receive the payment for your sales immediately

Can I obtain cash although my customer has not issued the promissory note?

With factoring, yes you can. There is no need for your customer to have issued the promissory note or any other form of payment. Simply with the sales invoice you have issued, you can obtain cash for your company.


How does this affect my financing capacity? Does it affect my Bank of Spain CCR?

Your CCR is not increased by your Factoring with Gedesco. We, Gedesco, assume the Factoring granted to our customers in our CCR.


How can I know if this is the best mechanism to finance my cash flow?

At Gedesco Factoring, we offer personalized attention to all our customers. Tell us the specific needs of your company and we will assess you for the best possible way of obtaining financing.

We are responsible for supporting you financialy and you are responsible for your daily business activity.

Remember, Gedesco is a member of the Spanish Factoring Association.


How can I know whether I can sell or not to my customers?

At www.infocif.es we analyse all your customers and assign them a credit rating, so you can know beforehand the solvency of that company, if you can work with them, and up to what amount of the sales you make to them can be financed.


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In addition, you can visit us at any of our offices and we will answer all your queries about factoring.

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