Financing for companies

Gedesco’s main objective is to make you grow, accompany you throughout the productive process of your business by offering you financing tailored to your company’s needs. In short, we want to be your partner.

Financing for companies with a Multiproduct Line

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The multiproduct line is a global credit line through which your company will be able to cover all its financing needs both in the short and long term.
It is a product designed for all types of companies, small, medium and large and any sector. We finance both national and international collections and payments. And through Renting and Rent back we also finance long term.
Our clients can use the granted limit in multiple products, according to their needs at each moment.

All these services have something in common, they provide immediate liquidity to companies that need to increase their treasury, either for a specific moment or for the expansion of the business.

Advantages of financing your company with Gedesco

  • We comprehensively cover all your company’s working capital financing needs.
  • We also offer long-term financing solutions.
  • Maximum speed in disposition of funds.
  • Savings in management and costs .
  • No sum CIRBE.
  • Flexibility: You can use the different products according to the needs and the risk limit granted.
  • Liberation of own or bank resources for other purposes.
  • A a very competitive cost: from 0.35 % TIN*