Gedesco: Promissory Note Discount and Factoring
Gedesco Promissory Note Discount



What do we offer?
Immediate cash through:
Anticipating Invoices and Discounting Promissory Notes
How does it work?
Send a copy of the promissory note or invoice and we will personally respond.
How much will it cost?
At the best guaranteed price:
from 3.75% annual nominal interest.

Gedesco: Financial Services

Gedesco is the leading company in the Spanish domestic market, for over 15 years, specializing in discounting of promissory notes factoring, and confirming.

We promptly facilitate cash to companies and, in addition, offer a wide range of financial services adapted to the needs of each company.

In order to facilitate transactions, Gedesco is present all round Spain so therefore can offer and maximize a personal service.

It has a network of 26 owned branches and 480 commercial agents distributed around Spain, assuring the security and know-how of a fully solvent financial entity and successful company.

The company offers its products and financial services aimed at promoting and developing the business of companies and self-employed people in three main business areas:


Know your clients, finance your sales well, and have not defaults, are the keys to the success of our clients.
In Gedesco our clients find solutions to reduce financial uncertainty.

Servicios financieros - Gedesco
Welcome to a world without buts. Gedesco offers you a complete world of financial services, because we bring the best solutions from international markets to you.

Gedesco Services


Convert your sales into cash sales with Gedesco Factoring. We circulate 400 million Euros for companies that sell on credit to their clients. Easy and personalized management.

Promissory Note Discount

Discounting promissory notes at the best market price can only be found in Gedesco, always committed to our clients, facilitating made-to-measure financial solutions.


Gedesco Confirming is a service for payment to suppliers by which Gedesco pays the invoices of your company in advance.

Get to know your clients before starting to work with them. Our risk reports, with financing commitment, allow you to know the solvency of your clients, as well as having the guarantee that you can finance your sales.

Amortizable Loans at 0% interest. In Gedesco we have the quickest and most reliable loan of the market. Obtaining the money for your projects is easy and rapid, with the minimum documentation and maximum rapidness you will obtain the money you need.

International Factoring is a financial service aimed at exporting companies that wish to advance collection of their invoices, that way eliminating insolvency risk of the debtor.